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11 January 2017
21 July 2017
21 July 2017
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Welcome to another fantastic year of the pine barrens most eclectic music and arts festival around! Where experiments of instruments and technology construct together. Visual engineers and Light designers stimulate all your senses until a fully immersive experience takes form! This is where the future of artistic and revolutionary minds meet! For one weekend in the deep marshy woods of Hammonton, nj. We gather to express, create, and enrich our lives with the community we have created around us. The Revolution is here, will you join us? It's going to be a very unique and special time with all your dear loved ones, but there are a couple of rules we need to go over before you can have all your fun! We have these rules to keep everyone safe and aware of your surroundings so that you are open to absorb as much as you can. The biggest rules are: * Be kind and respectful to your neighbor (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) * Take care of your body; make sure you stay hydrated * Take care of your mind; be cognizant and conscious minded * Take care of your ""SURROUNDINGS"", clean up and care for what needs to be cared for * And finally take care of your soul, come to be open and accepting (for yourself and other’s spirits). Express, create, enjoy! GATES – will officially open at 9:00 am on Friday morning. We are having an opening ceremony to express our appreciation and dedication we have to you all, then, we are going to have an all-out bash! $40 PER CAR - Parking Fee – The venue has insisted that EVERY car be charged $40 for entrance and parking, no exceptions. Please know that this is not a Farmfest request but a Venue requirement. This includes Artists and Volunteers. Other FAQ’S * FOOD AND DRINKS ALLOWED IN (NO GLASS) * OPEN FLAME GRILLS OK (PLEASE NO FULL SIZE GRILLS THERE ARE SMALLER CAMPING GRILLS) * ATM’S ON SITE AND @ BOX OFFICE - CREDIT CARDS ALSO ACCEPTED * NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL PERMITTED ON MAINSTAGE GROUNDS - ALCOHOL AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT MAINSTAGE * ALL CAR SIDE CAMPING - ELIGIBLE FOR RE ENTRY * BATHROOMS AND SHOWERS ON SITE * $40 NON-NEGOTIABLE PARKING FEE FOR EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE (REQUIRED BY THE VENUE) * ALL CARS SUBJECT TO SECURITY SEARCH UPON ARRIVAL TO GROUNDS/RE-ENTRY * INTERESTED IN BEING A VOLUNTEER, IT’S NOT TOO LATE!! Contact: * BRING PLENTY OF WATER - GALLONS - YOU’LL GO THRU IT! * THIS IS A CAMPING FESTIVAL - BRING TENTS, SLEEPING BAGS, BLANKETS, PILLOWS, AIR MATTRESSES, POP UP COVERS, TARPS, ETC... * WEATHER IS TO BE CLEAR BUT THIS EVENT IS RAIN OR SHINE * BRING COOLERS, SUNSCREEN, BUG SPRAY, TOILET PAPER, TRASH BAGS (TO CLEAN UP), TOOTHPASTE, SHOWER AMENITIES… SHOWERS ON SITE! * REVISIONS AND UPDATES MAY BE MADE SO KEEP CHECKING ON THIS PAGE.

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